The Social Development Goals we work towards:


The You For Youth Campaign was started in 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We saw how the pandemic left our most vulnerable communities devastated, which is why with the help of Siyakhula (NPO), we decided to start this initiative.
In line with our motto, “Finding harmony in community”, we distributed care boxes to youth in need. In 2020, We started this campaign in an attempt to empower, educate and inspire the youth of South Africa, with an emphasis on providing our beneficiaries with art-supplies.
Thanks to your monetary donations as well as other physical donations, we were able to bring a smile to 100 children’s faces, giving each of them access to goods such as coloring books, journals, khokis, art supplies, snacks, masks, sanitary pads, soap, lotion, games and more!
In 2021, we continued the You For Youth Campaign by distributing our care boxes to child and youth care centres for girls aged 13-18 years old. This year’s beneficiaries are YWISE, St Michael’s Youth and Childcare Centre and Ons Plek. Each box contained feminine hygiene products, notebooks, cosmetic products, toiletries etc.
The You For Youth Campaign now aims to continue every year, recognising communities in need and care packages that can empower and uplift these communities! 

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