Marimba Jam Breaks the World Record for the “Largest Marimba Ensemble”

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Marimba Jam Breaks the World Record for the “Largest Marimba Ensemble”.

241 women gathered together, making history on Women’s Day. What sounds more powerful than that?

On the 9 August 2018, South Africa’s Women’s Day, Marimba Jam broke the World Record for the “Largest Marimba Ensemble”. Previous holders of this title include Australia with 108 players on 3 November 2016, and Zimbabwe with 222 players on 25 May 2018. Marimba Jam broke this record as we gathered 241 women, between the ages of 8 and 23, at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, in Bellville, Cape Town, bringing the record back to the home continent of the marimba.


Along with the help of, the entire day was a huge success. Marimba Jam ran public workshops, allowing anyone at the shopping centre to enjoy a free, fun-filled activity and feel part of this momentous occassion. Our sponsor, aided us in providing T-shirts for every participant on the day, including members of the public who joined for a workshop. also organised for a group of 30 Gogo’s from Khayelitsha and Langa to come and share their stories with us and also partake in the workshops and help us keep the beat during the official world record attempt.

Staying true to our motto, “Finding Harmony in Community”, this event went beyond a record breaking, but provided an opportunity for community- and nation-building. Young women from both privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds were able to come together to break this record, and unite through their passion for marimba and African Music. Hearing the stories from the Gogo’s further emphasised the importance of Women’s Day and the strength that we have when we work together. Having the boundaries broken between these privileged and disadvantaged women really brought an essence of its own to the day, the power emanating from the players was certainly noticeable.

It was an occasion that all who were present will remember for a long time – it’s not often that women can join forces and not only unify a community but break a World Record.

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  1. Rachel Suttle

    This was such an incredible day! Thank you for sharing the official video. What a fantastic demonstration of how music can unite us- and on Women’s Day too!


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