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Our mission is to use the power of African music to unlock the potential in every child in order to help them become confident and productive members of society while also bridging the gaps of education inequality in South Africa.

We believe music can act as a vehicle for social change

The Rising Stars Program is the catalyst of this ideology


Community hubs

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We provide free marimba band classes to disadvantaged schools.

Our community hubs ensure 1 set of marimba instruments can be shared by up to 5 schools in the area.

Each marimba band accommodates about 10 learners and they receive one 60 minute lesson per week. Lessons are held after school.

Learners are expected to show a level of commitment and responsibility to their marimba band and this exposes them to the invaluable benefits of music education which manifest as life skills:

teamwork, discipline, confidence-building and passion.


Performances are vitally important for a young musician’s development.

It encourages learners to step out of their comfort zone and grow in confidence, while also giving them something to work towards and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Every marimba band gets multiple performance opportunities throughout the year.

Notable performance opportunities include:

The Marimba Jam Eisteddfod – the biggest marimba band competition in the Western Cape with esteemed adjudicators that offer valuable feedback to each band.

The Marimba Jam Festival – brings together learners from all our programs, including private schools, to promote social cohesion and peace-building within our diverse socio-economic landscape of South Africa. 

Our teacher encourages us and makes it fun, and makes it so that I can understand. Music helps me escape reality and calms me. It lets me enter a world of my own and when I play the marimba I feel confident and can do anything. It gives me inspiration and is the best thing I ever participated in.

Oreyarna Williams

Grade 8, Mitchell's Plain High School

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“Marimba is an amazing class with amazing people in it. I love music and trying new things. With Marimba, I get to learn a new instrument.”

– Dante (Grade 10)


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