Private Lesson Sign-Ups

Is Marimba Jam not currently teaching at your child’s school? Would you like to sign-up for adult classes?

WHAT: Weekly Individual, Pair, Trio, Quartet and Band lessons (average of 8 lessons per term)

WHEN: Mon- Saturday

WHERE: Montebello Design Center, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town


Individual: R1800 per term (1×30 minute lesson per week)
Pair: R1500 per person per term (1×30 minute lesson per week)
Trio: R1280 per person per term (1x 45 minute lesson per week)
Quartet: R1000 per person per term (1×45 minute lesson per week)
5+ people: R960 per person per term (1×60 minute lesson per week)

Individual Trial: 1×30 minute lesson per week @R1100 for 4 lessons

*Lesson times and days are based on majority preference amongst the students who sign-up

“We believe that music has the power to unlock the potential within every child, as well as serve as a tool for healing and nation-building. Not only is playing the marimba a physical activity; Marimba Jam ensures the psychological benefits are also honed, such as creating a safe-space and feeling part of a bigger community. Our aim is to create an environment in which everyone feels equal, accepted and unified. We use marimba as a means to harness more empathy among the youth to ensure our students are well-rounded and ready to face the world.”


The heart of Marimba Jam is captured by our motto “Finding Harmony in Community”.

We organise many events for our weekly bands (both from Schools and our Private Bands) that give them opportunities to perform and partake in community- and nation-building projects.

Annual Events:

The Marimba Jam Festival (Featuring a Mass Item with all of our students)

The Marimba Jam Eisteddfod

Examples Specialty Events:

Breaking the World Record for the “Largest Marimba Ensemble” – Women’s Day 2018 (with a total of 241 female participants)

Anthem Project 2019

Partaking in Open Streets Projects 2015-present

The Largest Marimba Ensemble

Watch Marimba Jam Break the World Record for the “Largest Marimba Ensemble” here.

Marimba Jam Breaks the World Record for the

“Largest Marimba Ensemble” with 241 Females on Women’s Day 2018!


To find our transport fees as well as our terms and conditions, check out our full rates packages:

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